Design for Patentability™

Design for Patentability™ (DFP) is a powerful innovative design methodology that is based on a rational and disciplined process. It employs an efficient suite of tools and methods for improving existing products and technologies as well as for developing winning next-generation products. These approaches can also be used to develop the required functionality, reduce the cost of manufacturing processes, enabling the new and improved products to be brought to market with a very high probability of being patented.

Design for Patentability™ approaches secure satisfying the necessary criteria of patentability, develop a firewall of independent and dependent claims as well as enable to circumvent competitive patents providing freedom to operate and, in most cases, IP protection of the alternative designs.

Innovative hybridization with patentable outcome, identification of “white spots” for patenting are other areas where DFP has proved to be extremely powerful.

DFP is being successfully used by many world leading corporations – General Electric, Samsung, Hyundai Motor Company, ABB, Siemens, FIAT Group, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, POSCO, LG, Intel, and many others. It is also a part of a number of engineering programs of the world best universities.

Design for Patentability Institute